New Free Google Android 4.4 Role games Apps Download

  New Free Google Android 4.4 Role games Apps Download

New Free Google Android 4.4 Role games Apps Download

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Free New Role games Applications for Google Android 4.4
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M.A.D 8M.A.D 8 Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 5 Jul 18
Freeware App
M.A.D 8
Tags: Games, Role games
Darkness risesDarkness rises Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Darkness rises - challenge the dark powers and start a dangerous journey across the fantasy world suffering from the invasion of cruel demons. Bring back order and peace to the world of this Android game, which is plunged into chaos by the dark powers
Tags: Games, Role games
Time quest: Heroes of legendTime quest: Heroes of legend Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Time quest: Heroes of legend - travel across different epochs with the help of a time machine of Nicola Tesla. Gather a team of popular historical personalities. Your visit to the lab of Nicola Tesla ended with a wreckage in this Android game. You appeared in the faraway past. You must find the details of the time machine in different epochs to come back home
Tags: Games, Role games
Blade knights HDBlade knights HD Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Blade knights HD - make a collection of legendary heroes, gather a strong team, fight against monsters in the dungeons and against enemies on the arenas. Go to find adventures in this exciting Android game. Enlarge your team with new heroes having different abilities and weapons. Train your heroes to raise their combat abilities
Tags: Games, Role games
Catch idle: Dimension warp storyCatch idle: Dimension warp story Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Catch idle: Dimension warp story - gather a team of heroes, monsters and fantasy creatures. Take heroes to the battle against numerous enemies. Get ready for fantastic adventures waiting for you in this Android game. Gather your own small army consisting of characters having unique abilities and skills. Fight against monsters and gather rich loots
Tags: Games, Role games
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Forge of fate: RPG gameForge of fate: RPG game Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Forge of fate: RPG game - explore a fantasy world full of mysteries and dangers. Fight against monsters and complete other tasks. Go to find adventures in this Android game. Look into the most remote corners of the magic world to fight against monsters. Go down the tricky dungeons with huge bosses waiting for you there
Tags: Games, Role games
Wham bam warriors: Puzzle RPGWham bam warriors: Puzzle RPG Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Wham bam warriors: Puzzle RPG - gather a combat deck of cards with furious heroes and powerful combat skills. Conquer towers full of monsters. Get ready for exciting adventures waiting for you in the towers of this Android game. Each level of a tower is a real maze full of traps and enemies
Tags: Games, Role games
Project WProject W Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Project W - build your own dungeons, gather an army of monsters and underground inhabitants, defend from the invasion of the heroes of light. In this Android game you will become one of the kings of the underground world. The dark lord was dethroned and now you can fight for power on the ruines of the fallen empire. Gather and lead legions of monsters
Tags: Games, Role games
TalionTalion Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Talion - defend the kingdom from dragons and other monsters. Travel across the world, fight against various opponents and get rich trophies. Create a unique character in this Android game. Adjust your hero's look to your liking. Go to find adventures
Tags: Games, Role games
Jump arena: PvP online battleJump arena: PvP online battle Android Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 13 Jun 18
Freeware App
Jump arena: PvP online battle - tap the screen and make your character jump every time higher to reach the highest levels of the tower. Challenge players from all over the world and win jumping battles of this Android game. On each arena you will find high towers consisting of many platforms
Tags: Games, Role games
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Google Android 4.4


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05.07M.A.D 8
13.06Darkness rises
13.06Time quest: Heroes of legend
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13.06Forge of fate: RPG game
13.06Wham bam warriors: Puzzle RPG
13.06Project W
13.06Jump arena: PvP online battle
13.06Hanuman vs Mahiravana
13.06Jurassic world alive
13.06Tales of Thorn: Global
13.06Stormfall: Saga of survival
13.06Stars of Ravahla: Heroes RPG
13.06Flint adventure 2018: Newest idle game
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12.06Age of savior
12.06Fellow: Eternal clash
12.06RPG Heirs of the kings
12.06Monster project 3D: Akuryo Taisan
12.06Heroes legend: Idle battle war
12.06Saiyan marvels
12.05Mighty party: Heroes clash
12.05Heavenly saber
12.05Deep raid: Idle RPG space ship battles
12.05Fhacktions: Real world, team PvP conquest battles
12.05Corin story: Action RPG
12.05Battleground: Champions
12.05Tap the monster
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