Free Android chompSMS App Download in SMS & MMS & EMS Tag

  Free Android chompSMS App Download in SMS & MMS & EMS Tag

Free Android chompSMS App Download in SMS & MMS & EMS Tag

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Version: 6.25 updated

Platforms: Android

Categories: Internet & Communications

Upload Date: 15 Aug 14

Developer: chompSMS

Distribution Type: Freeware

Downloads: 13715

File Size: 6853 Kb
Free Download chompSMS 

Rating: 2.8/5 (Total votes: 94)

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chompSMS - You love your Android phone as much as we do? You SMS all the time? Want more features? Then chompSMS is for you, with lots of features like an on-screen keyboard, signatures, chat bubbles, color customizations, and more!

You can use chompSMS as a replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send SMS messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do. Or, if your mobile carrier charges a lot, you can buy credits to send SMS messages via the chompSMS network, which can be much cheaper.
How it works
Simply install the chompSMS application, and you'll immediately be at home with all the SMS features you're used to, with the benefit of a much nicer user interface!
Great! It seems to work just like the native Android SMS application, and I love the chat style conversation bubbles.
So, what if I currently pay too much for SMS messages how can I send them cheaper? Well, simply buy credits, and each time you compose an SMS, choose to send it via the chompSMS network instead of your mobile carrier.
It's that easy – there's no signup process, and credits are sent via SMS directly to your phone!

What's New in This Release:

· New feature to automatically save incoming photos and videos to the gallery. See Settings > SMS & MMS Settings > Auto Save to Gallery.
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 6.14:

· Squashed some annoying bugs.

What's New in 6.13:

· Quick Reply Customization! See Settings > Theme it
· Added a quick menu to Quick Reply for Delete / Copy Message Text / Forward / Speak Text and Call
· Bunch of bug fixes.

What's New in 6.11:

· NEW: Settings > Contact Pics > Colorize if Blank (turn off if you don't like the new colorful contact pics).
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 6.07:

· In the conversation list, added some bling to the boring grey contact pics (for contacts with no pic)! Life shouldn't be dull...
· Reduced frequency of adverts, appreciate the feedback.
· Some minor bug fixes.

What's New in 6.05:

· Improved the theming user interface. See Settings > Theme it!
· Bunch of bug fixes.

What's New in 6.02:

· Added ability to choose a light or dark mode Send Area. See Settings > Customize Look > Conversation > Send Area
· Bunch of bug fixes.

What's New in 6.01:

· Added ability to choose a light or dark mode action bar. See Settings > Customize Look > Conversation (List) > Action Bar
· More User Interface refinements.
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 5.97:

· Bunch of bug fixes.

What's New in 5.96:

· Heaps of bug fixes

What's New in 5.88:

· Fixed a duplicate message issue (receiving) that impacted certain users.

What's New in 5.80:

· Optimized memory usage for users with customized background images.
· Quick Compose can now also send Group (MMS) messages.
· Bunch of bug and force close fixes.

What's New in 5.78:

· Added support for Android (Jellybean only) expanded notifications.
· Added support for Group MMS Sending (not receiving) - See chompSMS > Settings > SMS & MMS Network Settings > Group Messaging
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 5.77:

· Whole heap of bugs squashed.
· Removed support for TextFreek messaging.

What's New in 5.76:

· Fixed a bug when displaying MMS slideshows.

What's New in 5.74:

· When using the insert contact details feature you can now search for contact names.
· For Quick Compose we now optimize the layout height.
· MMS messages now play a sound when sending (like text messages). This is for Jellybean devices only.
· Fixed up a bunch of force closes and squashed some bugs!

What's New in 5.70:

· You can now customize the color of hyperlinks in the conversation bubbles.
· Improved MMS sending for Metro PCS users.
· Added Android Share Icon, so if you like chomp please tell your friends!
· Bunch of bugs squashed.

What's New in 5.68:

· Improved Facebook Contact Matching.
· General bug fixes.

What's New in 5.66:

· Fixed MMS sending issue for certain LG phone users. Set your MMS APN details in chompSMS, Settings, Mobile Carrier Network, MMS Network Settings.
· When customizing background image, if it's too small we scale it up to fit your screen size.
· Fixed shortcut issue when contact has multiple numbers.
· Bunch of bug fixes and known force closes.

What's New in 5.64:

· Fixed issue where sharing text with chompSMS didn't populate the text field.
· We now honor the chompSMS, Settings, More Stuff, 'Show Number in Title Bar' preference.
· Bunch more bug fixes.
· Fixed some force closes.

What's New in 5.63:

· Improved MMS for 4G users.
· Heap of bug fixes and user interface improvements.

What's New in 5.60:

· Bunch of bug and stability fixes!

What's New in 5.59:

· The contact pic shown in the top left of a conversation is now an Android contact widget, such that you can for example tap it to CALL.
· Bug fixes, including a common out of memory force close.

What's New in 5.46:

· Fixed a bug where in some rare cases the wrong contact would be shown in the conversation list.

What's New in 5.39:

· Fixed a bug with the Samsung Galaxy S2 (running Android 4.0.3) where SMS messages were being sent twice in certain circumstances.

What's New in 5.37:

· More performance improvements, especially rendering of contact pics.
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 5.36:

· BIG performance improvements, chompSMS is now QUICKER than any other Messaging app on the Android Market. It's FAST!
· Fixed issue that impacted the sending of messages when the Movial WifiCalling app was installed.
· Bug Fixes.

What's New in 5.34:

· Fixed the issue with chomp incorrectly being marked as malware by some anti-virus scanners.
· Bug fixes and performance improvements.

What's New in 5.29:

· Fixed a bug impacting the sending and receiving of TextFreek messages in certain circumstances.

What's New in 5.28:

· Performance improvements.
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 5.26:

· Improved Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) compatibility.

What's New in 5.24:

· Bug fixes to Scheduled Messages feature.

What's New in 5.22:

· Better compatibility with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream) devices.
· Added the ability to purchase chompSMS credits (e.g. for sending cheaper overseas texts) via Google Checkout. See Settings, chompSMS Credits.

What's New in 5.16:

· NEW Look Quick Compose with lots more features like configurable buttons, previous messages pull down, easier entry of contacts and more! See chompSMS, Settings, Quick Reply & Compose.
· The pull-down 'recent messages' feature (Quick Compose & Reply) can now be dragged down further to reveal more messages.
· Improved the quality of the contact picture shown in Quick Reply.

What's New in 5.15:

· Added NEW notification icons!
· Added NEW bubble styles! The new bubble styles can be accessed from Settings, Customize Look, Conversation.
· Improved Quick Reply performance and bug fixes.

What's New in 5.10:

· You can now purchase a chompSMS license using Google Checkout (see chompSMS, Settings).
· Bug fixes.

What's New in 5.9:

· Improved Facebook contact pic matching (see chompSMS, Settings, Contact Pics).
· Improvements to layout and performance for Quick Reply.
· We no longer show ads in the chompSMS Big Widget.
· Fixed a number of minor bugs and force closes.

What's New
in 5.8:

· Added support for showing Facebook Pics. See chompSMS > Settings > Contact Pics.
· Added Vibrate and Vibrate Pattern settings on a per contact basis (long hold on a contact in the conversation list).
· For text messages containing a contact number, we automatically parse this and show the contact name if matched. Useful for missed call text messages!
· Cleaned up the way (credit and carrier) counters are displayed in the conversation. They are now part of the text field.
· Fixed up a bunch of known bugs, including date formatting, lost licenses and security locking issues.
· Some users will get the choice (at their leisure) to see ONE video ad per day instead of constant banner ads.

What's New
in 5.7:

· IMPROVED: TextFreek lets you text anyone, anywhere, anytime for free. It's the smartphone way to text on iPhone, iPod, Android and BlackBerry devices. It comes built into chompSMS. See Settings, TextFreek. · The [Send] button preference is now 'remembered' on a per contact basis. So either mobile carrier (blue), chompSMS network (green) or TextFreek (orange). Easy!
· Cool new contact / template / smiley pop-up window via the (+) icon.
· Fixed a bunch of annoying bu

 What's New in 5.5:

· Added new feature to allow the user to hide the keyboard after sending a message (Settings, Misc, KB Hide after Send).
· Fixed issue when attaching certain media to MMS messages, it would not recognize the content type.
· Fixed bug where backing up preferences did not work on a small subset of phones running a specific firmware build

What's New in 5.4:

· Added option to allow the user to move the chompSMS application to the SD card.
· Lots of bug fixes, including the black screen issue with Quick Reply.
· More performance tuning!
· Remember to register in chompSMS, Settings, TextFreek for FREE texting to other chompSMS users.

What's New in 5.3:

· Removed full screen ads - annoying right, apologies!
· Registering for TextFreek no longer requires you to reduce your unlimited license donation to expire in 12 months.
· When swiping in Quick Reply then screen will no longer incorrectly timeout.
· Fixed a bug where on some phones the background images weren't being read because chompSMS was trying to read them before the SD Card was mounted.
· Fixed a bug with saving MMS attachments where it wouldn't warn you that you were about to overwrite a file.
· Fixed a bug where on some phones the ringtone would play during a phone call.
· We now hide the Support Us preference when the user has already donated.

What's New in 5.1:

·  Fixed issue with Contact Pics not appearing for some users.
· Added an invite feature for the NEW TextFreek service. Simply long hold on a contact in the Conversation List screen.
· Added support for the Hands-Free and Eyes-Free voice control application called StartTalking. See Settings, StartTalking!
· Fixed "Mark all as read" bug where for some users this would force close.
· Fixed issue with saving themes not always working correctly.

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Supported Operation Systems:
Google Android 1.0 |  Google Android 1.5 |  Google Android 1.6 |  Google Android 2.0 |  Google Android 2.1 |  Google Android 2.2 |  Google Android 2.3 |  Google Android 3.0 |  Google Android 3.1 |  Google Android 3.2 |  Google Android 4.0 |  Google Android 4.1 |  Google Android 4.2 |  Google Android 4.3 |  Google Android 4.4 |  Google Android 5.x |  Google Android 6.x |  Google Android 7.x |  Google Android 8.x | 

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